Data Management Platform (DMP)

DMP Advantage for Business

Simply put, a DMP forms the backbone of all online advertising operations for an economy that has increasingly become more digital. While several technology companies claim to provide DMPs, a “real” DMP provides marketers with centralized control of all of their audience and campaign data, helping them manage and analyze this data to craft, target, and optimize campaigns that reach more of the right people and drive improved ROI from their media spend.

If you are a professional marketer committed to getting the absolute most out of every campaign – striving for maximum ROI and the conversion optimization – then you’ll want a DMP that offers advanced features. If you need to maximize every marketing dollar spent, you need a powerful DMP that delivers deep, brandsafe data mining to empower media teams to buy target audiences with minimal waste and scalable insights.

Our capability as a company includes to install, build and integrate DMP project using products such as Adobe Audience Manager, Salesforce DMP, Bluekai DMP, Lotame DMP, DMP, BlueKai’s Marketing Cloud solution - Oracle DMP, SAS Data Management Suite, Mapp Data Management Platform, Nielsen Data Management Platform, The ADEX DMP, Relay42 DMP

What can a Data Management Platform help you achieve?
  • Retargeting – easily implement customized re-targeting campaigns based on specific activities and behaviors taken on or offline Prospecting – seamlessly integrate with third-party audience data source to acquire anonymous data to achieve higher precision and scale with targeting campaigns
  • Site optimization – use first or third-party data to determine customized content for different consumers when they come to your website
  • Audience Intelligence – contrast your site audience against third-party data sources to learn more about specific audience attributes to target more likely converters
  • Better ROI – Use centralized media performance analytics to determine which audience performed and where to double down

DMP Focus Area

Adobe Audience Manager | Salesforce DMP | Sales Cloud DMP | Bluekai DMP | Lotame DMP | Oracle DMP | SAS Data Management Suite | OnAudience | Mapp DMP | Nielsen DMP | The ADEX DMP | Relay42 DMP

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